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05. Jun 17

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On a sunny day and you plan for a trip to somewher...

On a sunny day and you plan for a trip to somewhere, with your friends and family. You make dishes or purchase some food or drinks for your trip, and everyone used his interested items

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Dwayne Johnson – The Rock Top 5 Best Movies

About Dwane Johnson Dwayne Douglas Johnson, was born on May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California. His father was a wrestler. During his higher studies, Dwayne got a full scholarship from the University of M...

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Aamir Khan Hit Movies

Aamir Khan, also known as Mr. Perfect was born on 14 March 1965, in Mumbai India in a family which has been part of the Hindi Film Industry for a long time. Aamir was first introduced as a child artis...

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Movies Effects On Body.! - by John Steeve

Movies affect brain and body in different ways. Like comedy movies is a way to forget your problem.

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Movies tell us things we could never have known. T...

Movies tell us things we could never have known. They tell us things we might not know. They give us a way to explore the past, the present, and the future

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I think the film and its innovations

I think the film and its innovations sometimes lead the society, because of all stories come from societies.

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Movies Land 4 All

Shahrukh Khan is a Bollywood actor and producer, born on 2 November 1965. He also famous as SRK.

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Khiladi Serious of Bollywood..!

Mostly people like action movies. Bollywood industry made a lot of action movies. In which "Khiladi" series of Akshay Kumar is well known.

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Latest Movies — Media Benefits For Children..!

Everyone loves watching TV including children. For example, many children can’t go other countries like Egypt. But they see Egypt in movies and absorb information about their foods, their cultur

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Group Of People Watching Movies.!

Nowadays there are many sources and websites for downloading the movies like the torrent, Youtube, Facebook etc.


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